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  • Opulent Bathing

    August 11, 2014

    Splinter Works Lisa Melvin Design

    Splinter Works unveil their two latest works, an awesome freestanding Vessel bathtub and matching washbasin to compliment the hammock version of the Vessel bathtub launched last year. All are breathtakingly beautiful and certainly have the 'wow factor'
    Splinter Works are delighted to unveil their two latest works, the freestanding Vessel bathtub and wash basin.

    These visually arresting curvaceous shapes have a dark magnetism, luring the eye to explore their striking contours. Conceived in woven and lacquered carbon fibre, they are also undeniably tactile, warm and inviting.
    Splinter Works Lisa Melvin Design
    After the success of the suspended Vessel hammock bathtub, the freestanding Vessel evolved as a stand-alone piece that doesn’t need walls, yet still offers the playful form, with an optimum shape for a relaxing bathing experience, but with more flexibility of arrangement.
    Splinter Works have pioneered the use of carbon fibre in the bathroom; indeed the pieces have to be produced in a giant autoclave, which is normally used to make Formula 1 cars.

    The love for this challenging material not only stems from the incredible strength, but also it’s lightweight characteristics, (empty it weighs just 14 kilos) meaning not only can the freestanding Vessel be positioned anywhere in the room, but it can go anywhere in the house with no need to reinforce floorboards in the upper floors.   

    Another beguiling characteristic of carbon fibre is that is offers an unparalleled texture.  Through the smooth layers of lacquer it always inspires a close-up look at the depth of the geometric weave of the fibre and even in black it has a surprisingly soft look more associated with fabric. 
    Splinter Works Lisa Melvin Design
    The wash basin is an exact miniaturisation of the tub, and whether using together with the hammock, or freestanding Vessel bath tub, it engenders a synergy between the two pieces in the room. It would also make a beautiful statement as a highlight piece in it’s own right; set side-by-side as a double vanity, or as a striking sculptural focal-point by itself. The basin and included waste can be mounted on any flat countertop or pedestal.
    Splinter Works Lisa Melvin Design
    In a world of white bathrooms, the Vessel series offers a dark sophistication, their strong graphic lines and sculptural form have an autonomous style that can fit in the most modern of settings, or traditional ones. 
    Splinter Works Lisa Melvin Design
    Whatever the setting, the Vessel series adapts to their environment, creating a playful poetic contrast for rooms full of personality.
    Splinter Works Lisa Melvin Design
    With thanks to Vogue and Bryan Morel PR
    Featured: Intimissimi white silk gown, slip and shorts with lace #intimissimi @intimissimi 

    Thank you to Vola for the kind loan of the taps

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  • Colour Blocking In your Home

    August 10, 2014

    EMILIO PUCCI_lisa melvin design bisazza
    My preferred colour scheme in design is a neutral palette with additional colour pop from furniture, floor and wall finishings,fabrics ,artwork, books etc, This can be achieved in your living space or bathrooms using painted furniture or amazing tiles my favourite collection in 2014 has to be the Bisazza EMILIO PUCCI mosaic range, inspired by the legendary designers fashion collections they have created the most awesome colour pops! 

    EMILIO PUCCI_lisa melvin design bisazza

    Duravit Darling 2 Sinks Lisa Melvin Design

    lisa melvin bisque radiator

    lisa melvin bisque radiator

    lisa melvin design keremag axor bathroom

    lisa melvin design duravit bathroom furniture

    lisa melvin design space saving cloakroom furniture
  • 2014/15 New Interior Product Launches Hotting up !

    July 1, 2014

    lisa melvin design childrens playroom childrens bedroom nursery

    Summer is finally here 2014 so far has been awash with new innovation in abundance, I have selected seven standout products that are definitely worth showcasing . 

    Crown Imperial Furniture have launched 'Living Furniture' a unique concept that links Kitchen, Bedroom, Study, Libraries and Living spaces together I love the new concept for Childrens Bedrooms and Nurseries the colour fusion range has an amazing ray of colours to choose from contact us for more details 

    Axor launched the Vortex tap earlier this year in Milan, I cant wait for this tap to hit UK shores it will be available in a tall basin mixer too in a whole array of finishes my favourite is black chrome .

    Geberit have launched Monolith Plus a much improved version of the already established Monolith, new exciting features include  At night, a slender LED light bar provides discreet, indirect light as soon as and An effective odour extraction unit provides a welcome dose of freshness and well-being

    Carron have launched the Silhouette Sink a fusion of black glass and stainless steel this would add a wow factor to any kitchen new or old 

    Waters Baths are going from strength to strength one of their newest editions is the Brook 2 , Its bold modern design is contemporary yet traditional and a great addition to a stunning bathroom. I love specifying this rage they are my No1 freestanding bath manufacture

    Duravit never fail to deliver , below I have showcased the new Fogo with mood lights and the great value fr money Durastyle both available in a choice of finishes and sizes. 

    lisa melvin design axor vortex basin mixer

    Geberit Monolith Plus Lisa Melvin Design

    Carron Silhouette 150 Sink Lisa Melvin Design

    Lisa Melvin Design Waters Bath Brook 2

    Lisa Melvin Design Duravit Vero Furniture

    Lisa Melvin Design Duravit Durastyle Furniture


  • The Perfect One Of A Kind Luxury Drinks Cabinet

    May 22, 2014

    Bespoke Luxury Drinks Cabinet Liquor Cabinet Lisa Melvin Design

    Bespoke Luxury Drinks Cabinet Liquor Cabinet Lisa Melvin Design

    Bespoke Luxury Drinks Cabinet Liquor Cabinet Lisa Melvin Design

    Introducing my first commissioned piece of furniture a beautiful luxury Drinks Cabinet 'one of a kind ' commissioned bespoke piece of furniture to compliment my clients new kitchen.

    Secret bronze glass doors to the side of the cabinet reveals storage for glasses highlighted by Led Lighting.

    Whilst the front of the cabinet boasts a 'Cool Draw' with features that include Fridge, Freezer, Chiller and Wine Cooler above doors disappear to reveal an amazing bronze glass clad liquor unit with ambient Led lighting underneath the shelves. 

    The cabinet carries a 'Mondrian' theme with silver and bronze glass and driftwood cladding panels.

    Contact for more information

    Bespoke Luxury Drinks Cabinet Liquor Cabinet Lisa Melvin Design

    Bespoke Luxury Drinks Cabinet Liquor Cabinet Lisa Melvin Design

    Bespoke Luxury Drinks Cabinet Liquor Cabinet Lisa Melvin Design
  • Laundry Room Heaven

    April 27, 2014

    Lisa Melvin Design Laundry Room Utility Room Designer LAUNDRY

    There is something about a laundry / utility room that I love, I think it could be the freshness of just washed clothes and the scent of fabric conditioner. First and foremost it's a functional space, a clean low maintenance room. 

    This space is incredibly useful and important in today's society, I can only imagine what the 'home keepers' at the start of the century would think of having the privilege of a dedicated space for washing and drying! I feel sometimes the decor and functionality can be overlooked as an after thought after the hard work and many hours deliberating over their new kitchen has been concluded.

    Top Tips :-

    Don't forget to add a personal touch with artwork, plants and flowers to make it a more enjoyable space to work, for yourself or housekeeper.

    If the Laundry/Utility space leads off from the kitchen tie in the decor with similar carcasses and flooring you can go for something different like an elephant grey paint to add a touch of drama to the space.

    If you have a separate utility room go for freestanding appliances, they are much more reliable than an integrated appliance and have larger capacity drums. 

    Don't cover them up, its a functional space the last thing you want is decor door's getting in the way. 

    If you haven't got a seperate boot room opt for a 'belfast style sink perfect for washing off those muddy trainers , potting plants and hand washing delicate items

    If you can, raise your appliances by around 400mm for optimum loading and unloading just at the correct level

    Tall cupboards are great for all your supplies of toilet paper , cleaning products, brooms etc. 

    Lisa Melvin Design Laundry Room Utility Room Designer LAUNDRY

    Lisa Melvin Design Laundry Room Utility Room Designer LAUNDRYLisa Melvin Design Laundry Room Utility Room Designer LAUNDRY

    Lisa Melvin Design Laundry Room Utility Room Designer LAUNDRYLisa Melvin Design Laundry Room Utility Room Designer LAUNDRYLisa Melvin Design Laundry Room Utility Room Designer LAUNDRYLisa Melvin Design Laundry Room Utility Room Designer LAUNDRY

  • Eat Well, Live Well A Healthy Indulgence

    April 27, 2014

    Guest post by Hospitality and Travel Industry Expert Phillipa Creswell

    The aim of the “Eat Well, Live Well” campaign is very simple – to promote great tasting healthy foods and diets. There is a new generation of foods and products that are emerging that are both excellent in taste and healthy to eat. Our goal is simply to promote great food and diets that will make a difference.

    Over the course of the next few months EP will be running features on healthy foods and ongoing trends in the healthy eating sector.
    Heaven really is healthy!

    Life is a constant battle for most people these days in trying to maintain balance in all areas. Food and drink is of course an integral part of this strive for balance –eating the right (and some of the ‘wrong’) foods, in sensible quantities and at appropriate intervals throughout the day.

    Over the last decade we have been lucky enough to see the introduction of many lower fat, diet and ‘skinny ‘ options entering and complimenting mainstream restaurant / cafe and fast food outlets. Many of these are linked to apps and well established diet and planning programmes. These alternative options allow us to live our busy lives whilst enjoying convenience foods or dining out, having a sense of some control whilst still enjoying an active social life!

    Despite my awareness of and focus on a healthy balance, I have to confess to not applying the same rules or energy to my choice of alcohol (although I am aware – broadly speaking, that sparkling wines have less calories than wine, slim line mixers are better than their fuller bodied counterparts and that mineral water is probably the safest bet)– and it would seem that I’m not the only one, with work colleagues and friends applying similar principles.

    However, there is one option which has completely eluded my analysis over the years – it is in my view completely exempt in this area – my guilty pleasure, Champagne. If I’m lucky enough to be offered then I’m certainly not going to work out the calories. It would be rude to do anything other than relax, smile, become instantly more sociable and indulge myself in that wonderful feeling of (albeit temporary) luxury and indulgence.

    So imagine my delight (and hopefully yours too) to discover that the world of Champagne, so steeped in tradition and history and, dare I say, a perception of stuffiness, has finally embraced this modern and healthier trend and introduced a low calorie Champagne. Yes, really!

    The arrival of this low calorie champagne means that we can now keep the bubbles flowing (at least as long as funds allow – its price point is mid-range) with far less feeling of guilt.

    The marketing spiel says its ‘Extra Brut yet still a delicious and luxurious champagne that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Boasting 0g of sugar per litre, with no residual sugar at all, it is one of healthiest champagnes around.’
    I have to confess I had a terrible sense of foreboding that a Champagne that was so on the Extra Brut side could possibly escape that horrible dry mouth after taste – in effect was this all sounding too good to be true ?

    So what a sense of relief on first sip to find that this deliciously dry champagne was light, pleasantly sparkly and although of course dry, was really very lovely.
    What’s more it’s a trend which is set to continue with low calorie Champagnes set to increase in popularity, particularly now with the much debated introduction of the sugar tax, this clever Champagne, with it’s zero sugar content, will be exempt.
    Life just got a whole lot more virtuous.

    Philippa has worked in the hospitality and travel industry for 20 years, specialising in brand and concept design, operations and implementation. During that time she has worked for high profile brands including NEXT, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Safeway and the Virgin group. Most recently Philippa was New Product Development Director at Virgin Trains, responsible for scoping the customer experience strategy and ensuring its delivery to support the Virgin Brand umbrella. A creative, customer centric and results driven consultant with a passion for delivering real value at all levels of a business.
  • Axor Starck V: Experiencing the Vitality of Water

    April 16, 2014

    Axor Starck V Philippe Starck

    I was invited to the Exclusive World Premier in Milan last week of Axor's new edition to the family Starck V.  I Believe this is the tap of the future, with its pure organic design and mesmerizing vortex, It encompasses functionality with beauty. 

    Axor and Philippe Starck Introduce the Vortex Phenomenon to the Washbasin Mixer

    New achievement in water design: Axor, the designer
    brand of Hansgrohe SE, has introduced a revolutionary washbasin mixer. Growing out of
    Axor’s relentless drive for products that reflect the vitality and emotionality of water, the
    brand’s first transparent mixer, Axor Starck V, was brought to life in collaboration with
    Philippe Starck. The official presentation took place at the Axor flagship store
    DURINIQUINDICI in Milan on 8th April.

    “The vortex phenomenon has occupied my father Klaus Grohe for several years”,
    explains Philippe Grohe, Head of Axor. “His intuition that water could visibly be brought
    to the foreground through the vortex, was the starting point in the development of Axor
    Starck V. In our long-time friend Philippe Starck, we not only found the perfect design
    partner to create a shape around the vortex, but also a valuable sparring partner in the
    developmental process. Ultimately, the realization of the project was not made possible
    by creativity and determination alone, but by technical know-how and over 100 years of
    experience in handling water.” The result according to Philippe Starck “is a mixer that
    represents the absolute minimum: totally transparent, almost invisible, and enclosing a
    miracle that is the vortex.”

    Axor Starck V Philippe Starck

    Connecting with Water through the Vortex

    For more than 20 years the human interaction with water and space has been at the
    core of Axor’s innovations. Axor Starck V will be one of the most prominent translations
    of this idea yet: with the beauty and dynamism of its vortex, the mixer bridges the gap
    between the functional and emotional aspects of water at the washbasin, transforming it
    from a basic commodity to a valuable resource.

    Organic Design and the Aesthetics of Transparency

    The organic, transparent design of Axor Starck V gives it an exciting, yet subdued
    presence. Besides serving the technical function of making water visible, transparency
    aesthetically fuses the mixer body with its surroundings, thus, in essence dematerializing
    it. The openly designed spout contributes to the natural water experience:
    before the eyes of the user, the upward, swirling motion of water through the mixer’s
    body and its “free-fall” into the washbasin trigger a feeling of joy and happiness.
    Experiencing Water through Technology and Innovation
    True to the Hansgrohe principle of producing highly aesthetic, functional and
    sustainable bathroom products, Axor Starck V shines with a multitude of innovations
    that together are certain to define a whole new category of washbasin mixers.

    The mixer is produced out of the organic material crystal glass, which is
    sustainable and durable. With a flow rate of 4 l/min, Axor Starck saves water without
    compromising the user experience. The open, rotatable, and detachable spout offers
    additional comfort: flexible installation of the mixer body in combination with the
    washbasin and easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

    Axor Starck V Vitality of Water

    Axor Starck V
    • Axor Starck V is available as a Single Lever Basin Mixer (9/2014), a Two-HoleBasin Mixer (3/2015) and Single Lever Basin Mixer for Washbowls (3/2015)
    • Chrome and white (powder coating) finishes; twelve standardized special PVDfinishes; further finishes are available upon request through the Axor Manufaktur
    • Flow Rate of 4l/minute
    • Minimum water pressure of 1.5 Bar needed to activate the vortex
    • Crystal Glass: scratch- and detergent-resistant; dishwasher-proof
    • Removal of glass spout: EasyClick-In connection between body and spout for easy cleaning and spare part handling
    • SafetyStop: allows removal of spout without turning off the cartridge
    • Swiveable spout: allows for a better view of the vortex; adjustment of the water spray to minimize splashes, flexible installation of the mixer body in combinationwith the basin
    • Variable positioning of the mixer body to allow the joystick cartridge on the left or right

    Philippe Starc Lisa Melvin Design
  • Looking For Something That Little Bit Different..

    March 30, 2014

    I can't quite believe the first quarter of the year has passed by already how time flies! Just a taster of products that have caught my eye in the past couple of months, I am planning on taking a trip to Milan next week for a very exciting product launch with the one and only Philippe Starck and take in what's new for 2015/2016 at Eurocucina & Salone Internazionale del Bagno

    Crown Imperial Kitchens Pinova Lisa Melvin Design
    Crown Imperial Kitchens Pinova available in 19 different colour choices including a primed finish for you to decorate yourself 

    Crown Imperial Kitchens Pinova Lisa Melvin Design
    Crown Imperial Kitchens Pinova available in 19 different colour ways 
    Gutmann Blanco Capa Available in Black or White Glass Recirculating Extractor
    Gutmann Blanco Capa Available in Black or White Glass Recirculating Extractor

    Blanco Steelart Custom Made Worksurfaces using a new sensational material Durinox

    Beach Ball Lights  Lisa Melvin Design
    Beach Ball Lights Fun Led Indoor Lighting 

    Gorenje Colour edition Freestanding Washing Machine & Dryer
    Gorenje Colour edition Freestanding Washing Machine & Dryer

  • Life Within The Living Space - Expert Guest Post -

    February 22, 2014

    Aquarium by Aquafront Lisa Melvin Design

    Integrated kitchen aquariums

    The term ‘living space’ when used to describe the purpose of modern kitchens has now become engrained within the conversation of home and lifestyle design. Often modern kitchens are defined not just by the ergonomics and door finishes but by the features integrated into them i.e. appliances, technology, and entertainment. This explosion of products and features has led to us now spending more time in our kitchens than ever before. This shift from a purely functional space to a living space has led to home owners and designers thinking out of the box and incorporating standout features to create the ultimate living experience.

    In the same way remote control work top extractors will raise an eyebrow a seamlessly integrated aquarium will create that wow factor within any kitchen space. Aquariums are fast becoming the ultimate lifestyle accessory to incorporate into your home. They add light, colour, and movement to a space, and are incredibly versatile from a design perspective with an infinite variety of sizes and dimensions. An indication of this new and growing trend within kitchen design is clear when luxury brands like Poggenpohl are embracing the concept of integrated aquariums into their range.

    Aquafront aquarium built into Poggenpohl kitchen design +Artesio

    For an aquarium designer a kitchen offers a number of opportunities and challenges. Here a few considerations when building an aquarium into a kitchen.      

    Planning and preparation

    To create that seamless integrated finish it is always a good idea to think about your aquarium at the early stages of your design and plan for the necessary provisions and services that will make the long term maintenance of you aquarium as easy as possible. Considering these things can be expensive when retrofitting an aquarium into a finished kitchen so make the provisions for it at the initial stage even if you’re not planning to install an aquarium in the immediate future. You should treat your aquarium in the same way you would treat any other appliance in terms of supplying it with water and electricity and a means of drainage.

    Connecting your aquarium to the water mains will make water changes as easy as turning a few taps or valves. Untreated mains water will be really harmful to your aquarium system and its fish so the water will need to be treated before it enters the tank. The best way to do this is to pass the water through a series of canisters containing DI resin, Carbon and micron-particle filters. A four stage water filter will remove all the harmful chemicals from the tap water. 

    Aquafront aquarium showing plumbing and ventilation within Poggenpohl cabinetry.

    Plumbing your aquarium into the waste pipe system will make maintenance a far less messy and laborious process. The combination of a clean water supply and drainage also gives you the option of automating some of the more arduous tasks involved with aquarium care.

    In addition to the supply and removal of water making sure your aquarium system has an adequate electrical supply, on its own dedicated circuit is a good way to prevent overloads and trips. Avoid running equipment off regular household plugs and get your electrician to provide IP rated junction boxes, as splashes and condensation are a reality with any aquarium.

    Removing moist air from enclosed cabinetry will dramatically improve the life span of doors, fascias and panels. During the planning stage think about how you will ventilate the cabinetry or units around the aquarium to prevent condensation build up, which in turn leads to fungus and mould. This really applies to any enclosed aquarium but is extremely pertinent when in the kitchen as mould and fungus throws up issues of hygiene in a food preparation area.

    Integrate physically and practically

    Contrary to what most aquarium designers and fish enthusiast will say bigger isn’t always better when designing an aquarium into a kitchen. There’s nothing worse than seeing a kitchen space being choked by an aquarium that becomes the space, not part of it!

     Big tank small kitchen syndrome!  (

     Large aquariums work best as space dividers or partitions between the functional area and dining area of an open plan kitchen. If however you were integrating an aquarium into the run of wall units, cabinetry or as a splash back then try to be conservative with your dimensions. Any kitchen designer will tell you that work top surface area is a premium resource in any kitchen design. I would suggest a minimum tank depth (front to back) of 300mm to allow enough room for your fish to swim comfortably, and for you to prep your food. This however really is all relative to the size of your kitchen, as exceptionally large kitchens can easily accommodate a large impressive display tank within its furniture.

    Splash back aquarium by Darren Morgan


    You can integrate the arrangement of your aquarium lighting into the wider lighting scheme of the kitchen. I use the three lighting principles colour, position and timing when considering how I am going to illuminate an aquarium in relation to the space it is in.

    Like with any other lighting source the colour of you aquarium lighting can significantly impact on the mood it creates within the tank as well as the room it sits in.

    The position of light sources within and around an aquarium can create additional options and focal points for the lighting within the kitchen. Spot lights both submersible and non-submersible can create dramatic effects within and around the display. Strip lights to create back lit plinths and fascia’s can also work well for creating a desired atmosphere within the space.

    Controlling the times in which different light sources are on within and around your aquarium can enable you to create the right lighting at the right time and social setting. This can all be controlled using remotes and timers or even via your home automation/AV system.  

    Kitchen aquariums by Mark Gacesa - Ultraspace

    You can make your kitchen aquarium as simple or as complex as you wish. Obviously with greater complexity to your system comes the benefits of less time spent maintaining the tank, however this comes at a cost. I always advise my clients to design their systems to be future proof so if they wish to add or upgrade certain features to their system they are not restricted by the absence of key features like a dedicated power and water supply.  

     Kitchen aquariums by Mark Gacesa - Ultraspace

    Ultimately your kitchen aquarium will redefine your space and how use it! As a feature it will allow you to enjoy spending more time in that space socialising and talking amongst family members and friends. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home so why not give that heart some TLC, courtesy of Mother Nature.  

    With special thanks to author of this guest post Aquarium expert Akil Gordon-Beckford (BSC) 


  • Trade Secrets --- 2014 Bathrooms Trends Revealed

    February 3, 2014

    Mirror Magic, Lisa Melvin Design Bathroom Origins Halo Mirror

    Creating a tranquil haven in your own home has never been more important with the Nations busy lifestyle catching half and hour on your own in the bathroom could be your only downtime apart from sleeping of course. 

    An average person will spend 1 1/2 years of their lifetime in the bathroom.according to research done in the United Kingdom. Here are my top bathroom products for 2014 to achieve a bathroom you can't wait to get home too.

    Find Cleaning a chore : Make your life easier with a  Rim free toilet pan like Twyfords 3D wall hung or close coupled WC complete with a soft close seat and cover .Top Tip :a removable seat and cover will be available later on in the year on selected Keramag Design Rim free pans

    Relax to your favourite tunes -- Kohler's Moxie shower head has just landed in the UK an affordable Shower Head available with or without an arm with a wireless speaker streams your personalized music playlists, news and other audio in the shower

          Mirror Magic Keramag Design have the most beautiful range of LED bathroom mirrors beautifully created by world renown designers Antonio Citterio AND Michael Schmidt , or try Bathroom Origins Halo Mirror available in 2 sizes 600mm or 900mm diameter

    Axor Manufaktur offers a range of stunning finishes for their Shower and tap collection. For a truly unique bathroom , special finishes include gold, rose gold and black chrome, available in both polished or brushed effects POA my favourite is brushed black chrome

    Axor Manufaktur Lisa Melvin Design, bespoke bathroom finishes

    Future Proof Sigma 80 LED flush plate .. It's not cool to' press to flush' apparently as Kylie Minogue & Will. I. Am stated on National television programme The Voice 'I don’t flush toilets  I use ones that flush themselves'  

    Home your lotion and potions - Graceline Led Mirror Cabinet - brighten up your bathroom with this sleek and stylish Led Mirror cabinet . The colour of the LED can be changed from white,red,orange,green,blue and purple RRP £1372.00

    schneider-graceline-100cm-door-mirror-cabinet-lisa melvin design

    Mood Lighting - Perfect to create a host of lighting effects in your bathroom from uplights to plinth lighting pop them on a sensor to allow them to come on automatically when you enter your bathroom at night  LED EYELEDS Eye leds are high quality LED lighting systems, creating innovative design options for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications. The Eyeleds product line offers a unique combination of performance and energy-saving benefits and is designed for easy, plug and play installation.

    Baths - Waters Freestanding my favourite freestanding bath range unique affordable and all baths come with a lifetime guarantee !

    Rolls Royce of showers Axor Nendo Shower Lamp, Lisa Melvin Design

    Spice up your wet room ---Aqua duct designer drain covers - lazer cut stainless steel covers for shower and wet room environments really make a statement by adding LED lighting activated by water the possibilities are endless

    Tiles are not your only option- Bushboard Nuance - create a real statement with a natural stone look totally water impervious wood panels

    Shower Toilets are becoming increasing popular in luxury hotels in the UK that welcome overseas visitors from Asia in particular--- Duravit'a Sensowash a shower toilet seat a combination of toilet and bidet ticks all the right boxes for maximum comfort and ultimate user friendliness.

    Finishing touches if you can fit one in Keramag Design's Silk Makeup console unit is a must a fantastic stool with storage is also available 

    Keramag Design makeup console modular lisa melvin design

    Animal Magic -Stand out from the crowd with Mereways Snake and Zebra Vogue modern modular bathroom furniture collection

    Looking for a Rolls Royce off a Bathroom? include a Statement Pieces an actual work of art

    Rolls Royce of baths Splinter Works Vessel bath  Lisa Melvin Design

    Rolls Royce of baths Grace of London Freestanding Bath Lisa Melvin Design

    Finally my biggest reveal for bathroom trends for 2014 is Artwork …..Zenith Art Artist Clare Wright creates the most beautiful art commissions using contemporary colour, texture and diverse materials , liquid glass, metals and Swarovski crystal the metal panels are totally suitable for bathrooms

    Zenith Art Claire Wright, Lisa Melvin Design, Bathroom Art


    February 3, 2014

    Geberit Duofresh, Lisa Melvin Design, Odour Extraction WC
    Pure fresh air 
    A Sense of well-being in the bathroom starts with a breath of fresh air

                                                            Geberit installation frame with an additional function.
    There are various ways of solving the problem of odours in the bathroom. Unfortunately, none of these solutions are ideal. With Geberit, you can now offer your customers a WC frame with integrated odour extraction. Geberit DuoFresh is just as easy to install as the familiar Geberit Duofix but features an innovative odour extraction function which removes irritating odours right inside the ceramic bowl. These odours are then purified using an active carbon filter integrated into the Geberit concealed cistern and released back out again from the side, next to the flush plate. This technology enables Geberit DuoFresh to function independently from room ventilation systems or the supply of outside air, offering an easy way of saving energy in the colder months of       the year in particular.

    The Geberit DuoFresh system is comprised of a specially adapted Geberit Duofix frame for wallhung WC, H112, with Sigma cistern and Geberit Sigma40 flush plate with fitted filter.
    Retrofitting is only possible if the corresponding Geberit Duofix frame pictured has already been installed.
    Geberit DuoFresh draws in the air directly from the WC ceramic, purifies it and releases it back out again. The entire system is integrated into the established Geberit solution as a convenient feature that enhances them with very little effort.
    Benefits for you
    Benefits for the customer

  • A Bath Fit For A King

    January 26, 2014


    This maybe a bath in function it is also the most amazing piece of artwork painstakingly and lovinging handcrafted by the highly experienced Grace of London team headed up by company founder Robert Grace an exceptionally talented individual that has created bespoke pieces for a network of international clientele.  

    I caught up with Robert recently and I asked him about his latest creation.

    "The name is "oro" and is made up of glass gilded by Thomas restorations( royal warrant holder) that I then reduced to small pieces and the Gilded by clough Harris ( royal warrant holder) it has a Swarovski detail and is coated in a clear resin finish"

    It is priced at £25,000 


    Granted a fully decked out 'Gold' bathroom maybe not to everyones tastes but the team at Grace Of London  will commision any vision you may have to create a beautiful bespoke masterpiece for your bathroom. 

  • Interiors UK 2014 Revealed

    January 27, 2014

    Splinter Works Bodice Rocker Lisa Melvin Design Photo Credit Marek Sikora
    Splinter Works Bodice Rocker 

    Here are my top three favorite companies exhibiting at the Interiors Uk show in Birmingham this week photographs courtesy of the wonderful photographer Marek Sikora 

    The boys from SplinterWorks with their amazing gravity defying sculpture/chair it is so comfortable I could have chilled out in that chair all day! Available in an array of colours, constructed in carbon fiber and leather with a two week lead-time POA.  

    Picture Frame TV Art TV Lisa Melvin Design Photo Credit Marek Sikora
    Picture Frame Tv - Art TV
    The boys at Picture Frame TV with their amazing Art TV, Its the one in the background with the blue Mercedes, available to even retrofit your own TV , comes in a fantastic range of sizes and of course you can include your favourite artwork.

    Zenith Art Clare Wright Artwork lisa melvin design interiors uk 2014
    Zenith Art - Clare Wright beautiful and vibrant pieces of artwork,
    I totally love Clare Wrights beautiful artwork , suitable for bathrooms, artwork is mounted on durable Dibond check out Zenith Art for more information. Commissions available 

    Interiors Show 2014 Lighting Lisa Melvin Design Photo Credit Marek Sikora

    Photography Credit :Marek Sikora Photography

  • Less Is More - DESIGNWISE

    January 24, 2014

    Lisa Melvin Cover Story


    Less is More
    A triathlon enthusiast, designer Lisa Melvin is passionate about travelling and derives her design inspiration from different countries and cultures. Always on the lookout for new and exciting projects, she takes pride in seeing a project through from inception to completion. As director of Rugby (Warwickshire, UK) based Lisa Melvin Design, she specialises in kitchen, bathroom and other interior design elements.
    In an exclusive tete-a-tete with Kitchen Review, Melvin avers that no home, room or client is the same, so no project is the same. As a self taught designer, she believes that it is important to pay heed to the client’s lifestyle and property style.
    Gyanendra Kumar Kashyap
    lisa melvin designFor how long have you been in this profession? Was it a deliberate choice that you made or was it accidental?
    I have been designing kitchens for the past fifteen years. My family’s business portfolio headed by my father includes a construction company, builders’ merchants and property development company; from an early age I spent a lot of time with my father at work and it was a natural progression for me to enter into the family business. It was in 1999 that the Gallery Kitchen and Bathroom showroom was born, based at our headquarters in Rugby, Warwickshire, UK.
    I have always been very passionate about architecture and interior design as well as the construction industry as a whole. Till a decade ago London was generally the hub of all design including furniture and products for the kitchen and bathroom industry. My vision was to create a niche market in the Midlands by bringing product and design, usually found only in the bigger cities, to Rugby and the surrounding areas.
    Where did you get your training from? Who do you see as your role model?
    I am a self-taught designer and have gained my experience over the years. I have a good understanding of the construction industry and the related trades, besides having a clear understanding of design, aesthetics and logistics. I have been greatly inspired by Johnny Grey.
    The UK KBB industry, up to this year, has had no specific qualification with respect to kitchen and bathroom design. Of late Johnny Grey and Renne Mascari, both well known industry figureheads in the UK, have been very passionate about putting together a qualification and standard for kitchen designers. They have introduced a degree course on kitchen design.
    Johnny Grey and Mal Corboy (of Australia) are role models to me. Both of them think big and different. They are amazing personalities in the field of design, and have a wealth of knowledge on ergonomics, lighting and materials. Grey is into ergonomic design and is of the view that it’s not only the look of the kitchen that’s important but more so how it works. He is now coming up with Grey Matrix that focuses on how kitchens should be designed for the older generation. On a personal front, I want my designs to be, above all else, functional with a real wow factor.
    You specialise in kitchen, bathroom and interior design elements; how do you maintain a balance among the three?
    Architectural design is evolving rapidly in the UK with the advent of new technologies, construction design and methods of heating our homes. Spaces are becoming open plan with fabulous bi-fold doors spanning the length of the house, bringing the outdoors inside. It is crucial for today’s designers to have a good understanding of all three elements that will allow them to create an optimum living space for their clients.
    What according to you are the important parameters that must be kept in mind when designing a kitchen?
    First and foremost, it is important to understand and know what is the clients’ vision for the kitchen – is it a long term investment or are they looking to sell their home in the next one-two years; their family size, and who uses the kitchen and how often. A kitchen is an investment, a big decision.
    How do you manage to live up to your clients’ expectations?
    To begin with, we have a broad discussion with clients – about their lifestyle, their family size, what their dream is, what they want to achieve.
    A kitchen’s design largely depends on the clientele, for a commercial developer it is different as compared to for an individual project. It is important to keep in mind what the clients bring to the table – be it finance and design constraints, or their ideas that they would like us to incorporate in practical terms. I like that challenge.
    Having said that, property developers require a design and colour scheme that is neutral and visually pleasing to a mass market with a wow factor, all within budget constraints outlined at the start. An individual client will have their own vision and possibly want the design of their new kitchen to reflect their personalities and lifestyle, especially if it is a long term investment.
    Every project is a fantastic challenge. It is important to make clients feel they can express their likes and dislikes about the design presented to them. This will enable the designer to reassure and iron out any of their concerns. One must pay heed to these, it helps to develop oneself as a better designer.
    Over the course of a project, clients can often become good friends. Just like in friendship, initially you ought to have a connection with your clients to be able to work with them in harmony. It is not always possible to achieve this connection, but usually a potential client has had the opportunity to view your portfolio, and can see your style and signature design before their initial consultation.
    You like to know the lifestyle of your client before designing a kitchen for them; what is the underlying objective and how does this help you?
    If I have a client say whose home is in the countryside with rolling fields surrounding them and lots of pet animals that run free around the home, over perhaps an apartment in a skyscraper in a city, I need to look at their lifestyle and tailor their requirements. I can tailor the design and the materials used to allow for a functional and practical kitchen in both cases. In reality, where the clients live and how they live is to be understood before commencing with the actual design.
    Q: What would you recommend in a kitchen for:
    • A nuclear family of 4 living in an apartment
    Depending on the size of the apartment, I will assume it is compact, I would look to design a sleek functional space to incorporate plenty of storage, great preparation space and very good lighting would be key.
    • A family with grandparents, parents and kids, living in a house
    Once again depending on the size, I will assume a large living space is available, I would design a zoned space to allow for social interaction, while keeping the chef for the day or evening free from people getting under their feet, plenty of storage and oodles of preparation and serving space. I would take into consideration the size of the appliance also to make sure cooking for numbers was accommodated, and once again task and mood lighting would be key.
    What is your design philosophy?
    I like to be proactive and not reactive. I like to come up with new designs and different visions as much as possible. I should be able to translate my client’s dream into reality in practical terms. I believe every project needs to be treated as special and different, not similar. I am continuously learning from peers and my own research.
    My purpose is to find out what is the exact space that the family actually needs for the kitchen, and design keeping in mind the ergonomics. Less is more for me. At times clients don’t need gigantic refrigeration space or oven capacities. Different clients would need different designs, and for me the job is to design it so that there is more to offer in less space.
    While lighting and workspace are important, I like the island and bank of unit concept and incorporate the style in many of my designs, as I believe it is the optimum kitchen layout. As for the older generation, my idea is that kitchens should be fully accessible, appliances should be designed at the correct heights, handles, tap levers, knobs on appliances, even the colour scheme, should all be taken into consideration. A kitchen that is super easy to maintain and clean is crucial. The use of LED lamps for task and mood lighting is just one example.
    It is important to cater to a client’s vision and not go on a tangent and design what you think is right. I am here not to sell a unit but to translate my client’s dream into reality.
    What are the latest design trends in the UK?
    Kitchens along with general living spaces have evolved hugely. Kitchens in UK have historically been compact. However, in the last 10 years with the advancement of technology and heating, demand for large living style kitchens is high. Whether it be a new build, extension or simply dividing walls removed, the kitchen has become the hub of the home, anything from 6 to 10 meters wide, and is not only a preparatory area but a living space too. Lighting and finishing of kitchens have become important concerns.
    There is a lot of talent in the UK in terms of kitchen designers; we have a fantastic mix of traditional as well as modern contemporary designers. We are all experimenting with different materials, lighting, colors and styles; the European market has a huge influence. 2014 will see glass incorporated within a whole spectrum of different applications from kitchen doors to showers and taps. Glass is a truly beautiful material in its own right and is environmentally friendly, durable and hygienic qualities make it a stand out product for 2014. This year we launched Kioo, a brand new UK manufactured glass fronted kitchen by LJ Design House. It was an international design award finalist in 2013.
    How is technology impacting kitchen design and how do you see the role of technology going forward?
    Technology is a great enabler. Going forward, we’ll get to see the concept kitchens of the future devised some ten years ago become reality – interactive work stations that’ll control ovens, air extraction lights and other appliances with a voice control or thought from the brain.
    How do you find a middle ground when faced with a conflicting situation involving an architect?
    Very often we need to work in tandem with architects. It is in our interest to acknowledge the fact that together we work for the same client and goal, so it is important not to let conflicts take over our objective of getting the optimum result. We work together. It is equally important to engage with them early on in a project.
    Tell us about a challenging project that you are presently working on?
    I am working on an exciting project with a local property developer on an eco-home complex. Herein insulation, air tightness, solar design and mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems and the reduced use of chemicals all need to be taken into consideration when designing the kitchens and bathrooms. For example, to avoid an unnecessary hole in the exterior of the house, and to allow the mechanical ventilation recovery system to work efficiently, a cooker hood must be re-circulated, not ducted.
    Do you endorse brands and suggest them to your clients?
    I work closely with a core number of manufacturers. I am present on their retail panels, which is a fantastic way to give important feedback to them efficiently and with speed. I use social media to endorse and promote these brands that include Hansgrohe, Neff, Fisher & Paykel, Bisazza, Geberit and Duravit.
     Besides taking projects in UK, do you also provide services to clients abroad?
    I am working on a project for a client based in Spain who has recently purchased a high-end property, and is looking to reconfigure the house to suit the rental market, including revamping the kitchen and adding additional ensuites. Going forward, I would love to work on projects in different parts of the world; that is my goal.
    How rewarding do you find your profession?
    It’s extremely rewarding. You not only get to realise your own dream, but your clients’ too. You are creating the heart of the home, a space that they can be proud of, can show off to their friends and family, a space that they can enjoy, relax and admire.
    What are your long term goals and how do you intend to realise them?
    I have recently launched The Designer Knowledge (, an online resource guide for architects, architectural technicians and interior designers. It currently features all elements required to create a perfect bathroom, I am looking to extend this to all interior elements of the home to include the kitchen. I have the second edition of our in-house design publication Revealed Design Home Interiors ( 2014 out now. I would love to get involved in the hotel industry designing bespoke boutique bathrooms, and also get the opportunity to design both kitchens and bathrooms for clients in various locations globally.
  • Axor WaterDream designed by FRONT is the winner of the Wallpaper Design Award 2014 - Best Shower

    January 18, 2014

    Lisa Melvin with Front Design

    WaterDream’, by Front, for Axor Hansgrohe

    I caught up with team Front back in October at the launch of the Water Dream series at Axors brand new exclusive showroom in Milan.

    Axor Water Dream designed by Front's have successfully been crowned winners of the Wallpaper Design Awards 2014 - Best Shower, Judges included design powerhouse and my favourite Fashion Designer Victoria Beckham.

    When Swedish design trio Front was asked by bathroom brand Axor to create a shower that reimagines the bathroom space, the team looked behind the walls for inspiration. The result is ‘WaterDream’, a tangled maze of copper pipes, valves, couplings and funnels that join together to create a room-sized, three-headed shower installation. 

    The prototype has led to a range of Axor products based on the simple funnel shape: a shower-pipe, a shower set, an overhead shower with ceiling or wall connection, and a hand shower. Axor and Front are continuing to develop the concept and more products are already in the pipeline. 

    Axor Water Dream by Front Lisa Melvin Design Axor Water Dream by Front Lisa Melvin Design

    Axor Water Dream by Front Lisa Melvin Design

    Axor Water Dream by Front Lisa Melvin Design
  • Star Gazing.... Roof Lantern's For Your Home Unveiled

    January 17, 2014

    Roof Lantern , Lantern Light , Kitchen Lisa Melvin Design

    Stars, Moons , Planets and Sunshine

    Lantern Light have take Britain by storm over the past ten years, they are now becoming an integral design feature of architects the length and breadth of the United Kingdom along with bifold doors. My clients have embraced this new phenomenon and are increasingly open to consider the concept.  

    Roof Lantern , Lantern Light , Kitchen Lisa Melvin Design Roof Lantern , Lantern Light , Kitchen Lisa Melvin Design

    Consideration of glass finishes , fixed or open lights, internal colour of the lantern ,lighting schemes and of course cost all need to be taken into account when considering including a roof lantern into your plans

    Roof Lantern , Lantern Light , Kitchen Lisa Melvin Design

    Roof Lantern , Lantern Light , Kitchen Lisa Melvin Design

    Roof Lantern , Lantern Light , Kitchen Lisa Melvin Design

    Roof Lantern Automatic opening and closing windows

    Your kitchen becomes awash with light, a beautiful way to enjoy the stars at night in the comfort of your kitchen.

  • Golden Anniversary of the Concealed Cistern 60 million sold in 50 years – the future of bathroom design lies with concealed cisterns

    January 17, 2014

    Geberit celebrated 50 years lisa melvin design

    2014 will see Geberit celebrate the anniversary of the launch of its concealed cisterns. It has been 50 years since Geberit first introduced the cistern that was mounted behind the wall rather than in front of it. Sparking the development of prewall installation, which enabled a previously unimagined level of creative freedom in bathroom applications, over 60 million Geberit concealed cisterns have been sold to date.

    "The success of the Geberit concealed cistern in the UK has been achieved thanks to the strong brand name of Geberit, which has become synonymous with the concealed cistern across Europe thanks to the partnership we have with our customers," comments Managing Director of Geberit Sales UK & Ireland Mark Larden.  "Our installers, contractors, stockists and bathroom retailers having continued faith in our products and innovations means that we can continue to lead the market in terms of introducing systems and technology that give endless opportunities to bathroom design and cater for the changing needs of the modern day living."

    Mounting the cistern behind the wall rather than in front of it marked a paradigm change in European bathrooms. The concealed cistern made it possible for additional sanitary fittings such as pipes to be installed virtually invisibly behind the wall. This meant the whole bathroom could be designed entirely to suit each customer's requirements. With the various concealed cistern versions and installation systems available today, plumbers can find a solution for every bathroom situation, even corner installations or under sloping roofs.

    Today‘s choice of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical flush actuations open up new design possibilities, whilst ground-breaking systems like the odour extraction unit behind the actuator plate integrate the latest technology seamlessly into bathroom design. Fifty years after the first Geberit concealed cistern was introduced, the manufacturer continues to lead the field in terms of design and innovation. The Geberit Sigma80 touchless flush plate, for example, offers the user increased convenience and hygiene, while the Geberit AquaClean Sela, is heralding a new era of freshness, hygiene in the domestic bathroom. 

    Geberit SIGMA 80 Flush plate lisa melvin design

  • Dressed To Impress .....

    January 15, 2014

    Compact Guest Restroom , Marble Basin

    It may be one of the smallest rooms in your home but it certainly needs to stand up to scrutiny from your visitors your Guest Restroom should pack a punch to create a WOW factor.

    My Top Tips REVEALED:-

    Make sure your restroom is sparkling clean and smells fresh with the installation of a Geberit Duofresh WC system, which will cleverly extract all those nasty odours from your restroom in a flash and allows for the toilet pan to be wall-hung which enables easy cleaning.

    Incorporate a shelf or niche situated behind your WC – the perfect place to stand beautiful fresh flowers or a fragranced diffuser my favourite's at the moment are Sanctuary Spa Classic Diffuser or Molton Brown's Pink Pepperpod Aroma Reeds.

    Compact Guest Restroom , Marble Basin

    Choose a pedestal basin in a luxurious natural material, such as marble. A pedestal model will not only save space but in marble will instantly add the wow factor you’re looking for. Try the Cami crème polished basin from the Manteiv Collection (01788 866930).
    Skylar Mirror
    Allow your guests to beautify themselves in a wonderful Led lit illuminated mirror try the striking Dante Mirror with lighting and sensor switch or the Skylar available in 600 or 900 configurations both available from 01788 866950
    Molton Brown Soap and Mosituriser
    Add glamour with Sonia's S8 Accessories collection embellished with Swarovski crystal elements, to complete the look include a beautiful smelling soap and moisturiser to complete the look I love Molton Brown's Pomegranate & Ginger hand wash and lotion set.

    Swarovski crystal elements
    Use an easy clean floor surface like a porcelain tile or a waterproof laminate floor like Aquastep I love the brand new Moonlight Oak colour 


  • Aquariums In Your Home Revealed

    January 10, 2014

    'Fish Keeping Made Simple'

    Aquafront Aquariums Akhil Gordon Beckford Lisa Melvin Design

    I caught up with Aquarium hotshot and founder/head designer of Aquafront Akil Gordon Beckford earlier this week to get an insight into incorporating Aquariums into your home environment


    Key Benefits -- Your thoughts on why an aquarium within a living space can make a difference to your overall wellbeing

    There is wealth of well documented evidence backed by scientific research that suggests there is a medical benefit for having an aquarium in your home or work environment. It’s well known that spending time around an aquarium can significantly reduce anxiety and stress levels which has a knock on effect with sleeping patterns, appetite and emotional state.

    I believe that aquariums are windows for people to connect with nature and create a moment of being still within their mind and body. Living in the digital age has resulted in many of us being overwhelmed with information and data. We are expected to do more within 24 hours than ever before both professionally and socially. Taking frequent holidays or meditating through tai chi or yoga are great ways to relax, recharge batteries and realign you mind and body back to its natural rhythm. A beautifully designed aquarium can recreate that experience and give you that moment to be still and connect with nature.

    Outside of that an aquarium is a great feature to aesthetically enhance any space. By adding light, colour and movement to the environment it creates a striking visual focal point. It is human nature to be drawn to beauty. This is why more often than not an aquarium is usually situated in an area of the home where people spend most of their time.   

    Are there any rooms in the house not suitable for an aquarium?
    Not really! What I would say is that the design of the aquarium should be modified to meet the varying demands of different areas around the house. For example aquariums situated in walk through areas like a corridor or entrance hall should be built at a height off the floor that’s easily viewable at standing eye level. Aquariums situated in dining or lounge areas should be a built lower so easily viewable when seated. Aquariums built into bedrooms or quiet areas should be heavily sound proofed with quiet running equipment.     

    Aquafront Aquariums Akhil Gordon Beckford Lisa Melvin Design
    Room temperatures do Aquariums need to be in a consistent environment or is it all controlled within the module?
    The ambient temperature of the room does not really matter as a well-built aquarium system will have equipment to control water temperature and cabinet humidity. Although I would try to avoid situating the aquarium too close to fire places and radiators.

    What happens if there is a prolonged power cut?
    Prolonged power cuts are a problem for any aquarium, especially if you have very expensive fish or coral in your system that are reliant on stable water conditions. Generally speaking you have 3-6 hours after a power cut before fish start becoming stressed. There are measures you can take to avoid complete disaster, for example connecting essential equipment like pumps and heaters to a UPS battery or backup generator to buy you some time. This can all be managed through an aquarium computer system that will notify you via email or txt if a power cut occurs. Most back up power supplies will give you 12 - 48 hours depending on the size and type of your aquarium system. I would recommended this as an essential addition to any aquarium system for someone who travels frequently.        

    Your most elaborate install to date?
    In terms of size the biggest tank I’ve done was a 1200 litre saltwater system built into the staircase of a basement conversion. The tanks irregular shape meant it had to be fabricated onsite along with the handmade cabinetry and ventilation system that ran through the ceiling and floor.In terms of technology the integrated kitchen aquarium we put together for Poggenpohl was the most elaborate. We used state of the equipment with quiet low energy pumps and computer controlled LED lights that were programmed to simulate natural sunrise and sunsets. The whole aquarium system was managed by an integrated computer that monitored all the water parameters, controlled all the equipment, and auto fed the fish and coral. The showroom manager at Poggenpohl in St. Albans was able to interface with the aquarium computer and equipment using a tablet via a specialised app.       

    Aquafront Aquariums Akhil Gordon Beckford Lisa Melvin Design

    Maintenance - daily, weekly, yearly?

    If set up properly the main things you should have to do daily is feed your fish. For those of you who want to just look at your aquarium you can install an auto feeder that will cover this for you.

    You may need to clean your glass once a week which can be done with a magnetic glass cleaner taking no longer than 5 - 10minutes (depending on aquarium size).

    Generally speaking a partial water change and a clean out of the sand or gravel should be carried out once every two weeks. However this may vary depending on the number and type of fish you keep, the size of the aquarium, as well as the equipment included in your filtration system. For example some sensitive species of coral in saltwater systems would require weekly water changes. However by incorporating additional features to your filtration system, your aquarium will be able to run a lot more independently.   

    A good clean out of equipment i.e. pumps, lights should be carried every two to three month to make sure they stay in good working order.

    I always recommend replacing sensitive or perishable equipment like sensors and thermostats each year. You may also want to replace some of the decoration inside the aquarium, to keep the display looking fresh.    

    How much to run an aquarium on a yearly basis?
    As you can imagine the running costs of an aquarium vary depending on the size and type of the system.
    If working from standard sizes of 1200mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 600mm (h) (medium) and
    2400mm (l) x 600mm (w) 600mm (h) (large), you can expect to spend the following annually on running costs for food and supplements (approximately):

    Medium Saltwater system - £880.00
    Medium Freshwater system - £230.00

    Large Saltwater system - £1418.00
    Large Freshwater system - £340.00

    Aftercare Support
    If you wish to have your aquarium maintained by a professional company then expect to pay anything from £60 - £75 per service on a medium sized system and £85 - £100 per service on a large. Annual maintenance contracts can vary from £780 to £2600 depending on how often your aquarium needs servicing. Generally I advise my clients to invest in the right filtration and system set up at the initial stage so that there aquarium doesn’t require as much attention saving them money in the long term.

    How safe are the tanks - i.e. children kicking a ball at them someone stumbling in to it?
    Generally speaking aquariums that are built into walls or structural features tend to be a lot safer than the stand alone aquariums you buy at the shop. A bespoke aquarium is designed and built for a specific purpose and location, meaning that safety considerations are accounted for during the initial planning. There are three main threats that an aquarium can pose on a property:

    Water damage
    Like any other glass structure aquariums are prone to cracks and breaks if hit hard enough with a blunt force. The most common cause for cracks or breaks of the aquarium glass is when moving furniture or the aquarium itself. As you can imagine an aquarium with a crack is a real safety hazard, as the pressure from the water when filled can force the glass to completely break, emptying the contents of the aquarium into the room. To avoid this you can double laminate the aquarium wall and base so that if a crack does occur on one of the panes of glass the other laminated sheet will hold the aquarium structure in place without any leakages. Acrylic is a popular alternative material to glass, especially for commercial displays. Aquarium grade acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass so can withstand extremely strong impact forces.

    Fire damage
    As we all know electricity and water do not mix! The potential risk of an electrical fire is a disaster waiting to happen if the right measures are not taken during design and installation. All electrical connection points for equipment such as lights, pumps etc. must be IP rated as splash or water proof. It’s also a good idea to supply the aquarium power via its own dedicated fuse board with multiple RCD switches in the event of an electrical failure or incident.

    Structural Damage
    I think it’s safe to say that a homeowner’s worst nightmare would be to see their aquarium suddenly fall through the ceiling onto the prized dining room table! Aquariums are heavy structures in relation to their footprint. Remember a litre of water weighs 1kg, so a 460 litre aquarium (standard medium size tank) will weigh anything from 500Kg to 550Kg. Most old or standard floor joists are not built to hold that amount weight in such a confined space. To prevent an expensive catastrophe either build your aquarium onto a solid stone floor at ground level or reinforce your floor and ceiling supports with steal RSJ’s.                          

    Affordability - How much is a typical installation?
    The price of a bespoke aquarium can vary quite considerably depending on the size of the tank, the type of setup, cabinetry, and the level of technology incorporated into the system.  If going off the standard setup sizes previously mentioned you can expect to pay the following for a professional to design and install your bespoke aquarium:

    Medium (1200mm x 600mm x 600mm)
    Freshwater        £5,000.00 - £6,000.00     
    Marine               £8000.00 - £9,000.00

    Large (2400mm x 600mm x 600mm)
    Freshwater        £9,000.00 – £10,000.00
    Marine               £12,000.00 – £13,000.00

    Adding live decorations like plants (in freshwater aquariums) and coral (in saltwater aquariums) can increase the cost of an installation project by 20%-30% 

    Increasing the height of your tank can exponentially increase the material cost of the build. Taller tanks require thicker walls to compensate for the increased water pressure exerted. Clients often like the look of deeper tanks as it creates more of an immersive experience. Expect to add an additional 10% - 30% to the project cost for increasing the aquarium height from the standard by another 600mm.

    Digital technology, advanced filtration and better quality equipment can create the aquarium of your dreams! A quiet running independent aquarium is ideally what we all want, but this comes at a cost. Upgrades in aquarium technology can add anything between 10% - 100% to your budget, so do your research! I often design aquariums to be future proof so clients can add non-essential elements to their system at a later date.

    How to choose the correct fish - learn how to upkeep the aquarium
    I’m a big advocate of making informed decisions! It often saves money and lives in the short and long term.  Outside of speaking to a professional for advice I would recommend using online publications and forums for information and insights. The following sites are some that I have found useful and that I recommend to my clients if they want to learn more for themselves.
    Aquafront Aquariums Akhil Gordon Beckford Lisa Melvin Design

    Advanced Aquarist
    Practical Fish Keeping

    The Age Of Aquariums
    UK Aquatic Planting Society
    Reef Central
    Ultimate Reef

    Suppliers and Manufacturers 
    The Green Machine
    D & D
  • Turning Your Kitchen Dreams Into Reality ……

    December 29, 2013

    2014 kitchen ideas, Lisa Melvin top tips for your dream kitchen high gloss white kitchen Rugby

    I round up my 2014 top tips and up and coming trends to create a beautiful kitchen that will be the envy of your friends and family for sure.

    Storage Conundrum
    There are two ways to go with storage a) not enough b) far too much, get a happy medium , never include cupboards for cupboards sake if there is a wall you really don't have to fill it. Work out the amount of cupboard space required by taking into account all your pots and pans,baking, roasting trays, tupperware, cutlery, dry foods etc.

    Prepare To Be Great

    You can never have enough preparation space but make it count , make sure all small appliances, music systems TVs  are integrated where possible to maximise the preparation space available.Consider the height of the work surfaces if the household in general is particularly short or tall, cabinet heights can be tweaked to make the work surface more accessible and prevent stooping or overreaching.

    Lisa Melvin Design, KIOO glass kitchen , led lights in kitchen , kitchen design Rugby

    Light up your life

    Lighting scheme's pay particular attention to both task and ambient lighting always use LED lamps throughout, your lighting scheme should always be designed alongside your kitchen not as an afterthought , lighting can make or break a kitchen design

    Don't go it alone …

    Getting an expert on board is crucial to fully realise your new kitchens potential  Even if you think you are 100% sure you are happy with the layout and design yourself or architect has worked on, a kitchen designer can bring a whole plethora of options  ideas and suggestions to the table. They can also potentially save you time money in the bigger picture. Before instructing a kitchen designer check out their signature style and design portfolio, it is crucial that both the designer and client are on the same wave length. Be prepared to pay for this service. 

    Cook up a storm

    Appliances consider airborne odour especially for open planned kitchens soft seating and fabrics should be washable as over time airborne grease will settle in fact over a year in a typical family kitchen the equivalent to  a whole packet of lard settles on work surfaces , blinds , soft furnishings etc Kuppersbuch have a patented design within their ovens that actually processes the airborne odours within the oven cavity and converts them into H20 and injects it back into the oven a similar processes to a catalytic converter on a car. 

    Get hot and steamy in the kitchen

    Heating  - Depending on your budget and stage of build consider either water or electric underfloor heating that is controllable via an electronic thermostat ,if you are using radiators make sure they have a thermostatic valves installed. It is important to be able to control the temperature of your kitchen, to avoid getting hot under the collar.

    Gadgets & Gizmos

    Hot Taps have been around for a number of years but now you can actually have a hot & cold water along with boiling hot water 99deg dispensed from just the one tap try Grohe's Red Hot Tap

    Krushr recycling Bins www.krushr.comtake care of all waste by combining a waste disposal with a waste compactor all your 'wet' waste can be disposed with down the sink via the waste disposal and all 'clean' waste i.e. bottles/jars,tins plastic cardboard can be sorted and compacted (not the glass)

    Aquarium Installation in kitchen Aquafront, Akil Gordon Beckford Lisa Melvin Design

    The Wow Factor

    Built in Saltwater Aquarium --- Transform space connect with the natural environment get a therapeutic experience in your own home and of course add the WOW factor, many high end hotels feature mind blowing aquariums throughout the world.

    Illuminated Shelving Niche - Display your prize oils and vinegars , beautiful glassware or your Vodka Collection in an eye catching niche that will also add ambient lighting to your kitchen.

    Illuminated Wine, chilled or ambient room temperature display cabinets available in a vast array of sizes and prices to suit all budgets and collections for the wine connoisseur with a spectacular collection ask your kitchen designer to  design a wine cellar that is on view!

    Lisa Melvin Design Vodka Display Shelf , Spirit Decanter, Bespoke Niche
    The Future is bright

    2014 will see glass burst onto the scene , from kitchen doors clad in gloss or satin glass in a spectrum of colours to your kitchen tap , glass splash backs are already a hit in the UK ask your kitchen specialist about creating a bespoke design just for you.
  • A Design Revolution

    December 14, 2013

    RIBA Geberit CPD event Lisa Melvin Design

    We were absolutely delighted to host our first 

    ever RIBA approved Geberit CPD (continuing professional development) event 'Creating the ideal washroom environment' at our midlands based Gallery showroom and conference suite supported by The Society of British Interior Design 

    Akhil Beckford Neil TomkinsonThe event turned out to be a great success Geberit's Steve Roe Regional Retail Sales Manager - North was elevated at the turnout and commented 'Tonight's event has been the best supported CPD event we have ran all   year'. 

    Over twenty five delegates made the journey, travelling as far afield as Maidstone in Kent , London and Birmingham a great mixture of Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Companies and Developers attended. 

    We were also supported by an amazing array of leading manufactures who took the opportunity to Network with the delegates after the CPD presentation had concluded. 

    We would like to especially thank Alex White from The Society if British Interior Design for his tremendous help in organising this successful event. Check out the following manufactures for more information

    Charlotte Conway Lisa Melvin Daniel Gibbons
    Richard Palmer Dennis Swain Adam Greatrex HB Architects
    Symon Construction Management Team Darren Knapp Neil Melvin

    Photo Credit : Andrew Llewellyn Birmingham Living Magazine 
  • Design for people

    December 13, 2013

    Keramag Design Silk by Michael Schmidt Lisa Melvin Design Rugby Warwickshire Keramag Design
    Keramag Design Silk by Michael Schmidt
    Axor Water Dream series Lamp Shower by, Nendo Japanese design team, Lisa Melvin Design Rugby Warwickshire Buy on display
    Axor Water Dream series Lamp Shower by, Nendo Japanese design team

    This week we launched our fantastic new Keramag Studio situated within our 
    Gallery Showroom in Rugby Warwickshire.

    Purley designer led, products showcased include the innovative Shower Lamp by the Nendo Japanese design team displayed beautifully over a grand Michael Schmidt designer bath tub.

    The attention to detail within the designer ranges is superb including a beautiful modular dressing table and stool, soft closing seat and covers and the most amazing collection of mirrors are featured in inspirational settings. 

    Developing the perfect product design demands a special, creative kind of imagination and a wealth of expertise. It is a matter of combining creative possibilities with what design development is ultimately all about:people,.

    For Keramag Design therefore, every new design form brings to life a carefully-considered functionality. It is orientated to the desires and needs of people and captures the vitality of a world constantly in motion. Product design by Keramag Design reflects the brand's high standards. It is innovative,honest, durable and has a timeless aesthetic. 

    Keramag Design Citterio by Antonio Citterio Lisa Melvin Design Rugby Warwickshire Keramag Design
    Keramag Design Citterio by Antonio Citterio Wall Hung WC 
    Developed for people who want to see their own personality reflected in the objects that surround them. Created by designers who understand what it means to make something unique.

    For more information or visit our Keramag Design Studio call 01788 866930 or visit Gallery Showroom online 

    Photo Credit : Andrew Llewellyn Birmingham Living Magazine 

  • Designer Showcase - Mal Corby & Lisa Melvin

    August 20, 2014

    Mal Corboy is New Zeland’s most awarded International designer. Mal has been designing for over 19 years and his kitchen designs are multi award-winning. Here’s Mal’s predictions for kitchen trends in 2014...  
    Designer Showcase, Mal Corboy, Lisa Melvin Design, Kitchen design, KBB Industry, multi award winning kitchen design, New Zeland’s, kitchen trends 2014, organic curves, colour kitchens
    Kitchen Design by Mal Corboy

    “I’m already using a lot of wood grained veneers with washes of greys and charcoals running through them, I love this as it gives the illusion of texture. There is strong movement away from white, with people wanting more bold clean colours into the green and yellow palates. I feel this is a reflection of better economic times and in general people feeling better and brighter about life. The hard edge minimalist look is fading, we are trending towards soft organic curves. The same can be said for the traditional style, going for a more transition rather than hard ornate style.”
    Designer Mal Corboy
    Mal Corboy
    Do you envisage the Mal Corboy brand coming to the UK or Europe in the near future?
    In 2014 I will be looking for the right manufacturer that meets my standards to produce product for me in Europe which will see the Mal Corboy brand grow there. I am still judging awards and talking to groups about design in Europe and that will never change.
    Designer Showcase, Mal Corby, Lisa Melvin Design, Kitchen design, KBB Industry, multi award winning kitchen design, New Zeland’s, kitchen trends 2014, organic curves, colour kitchens
    Kitchen Design by Mal Corboy

    What are your thoughts on UK kitchen design and designers as a whole?
    Early on in my career I was heavily influenced by Johnny Grey and Terrance Conran, although it’s a totally different style I liked the fact they broke the mould for design, meaning not cookie cutter. I see younger designers coming through that are nailing contemporary design, such as Lisa Melvin and Darren Morgan. The key is to find your own style and do it well.

    Designer Showcase, Mal Corby, Lisa Melvin Design, Kitchen design, KBB Industry, multi award winning kitchen design, New Zeland’s, kitchen trends 2014, organic curves, colour kitchens
    Kitchen by Lisa Melvin

    Lisa Melvin has hands on experience of kitchen trends evolving, having been in the KBB design industry for over 16 years...

    Kitchens are now portrayed as the main hub of the home and a sociable space used for wining and dining. Open-plan designs that encourage sociable living will continue to be on-trend throughout 2014. 
    Designer Showcase, Mal Corby, Lisa Melvin Design, Kitchen design, KBB Industry, multi award winning kitchen design, New Zeland’s, kitchen trends 2014, organic curves, colour kitchens
    Kitchen by Lisa Melvin Design

    Central island units are at the top of many wish lists as they not only provide extra storage and work space, but also provide an area for friends and family to gather. For the compact kitchen, extending the work surface and placing bar stools underneath is a simple way of creating somewhere for guests to sit, whilst you cook them dinner. 
    When it comes to door finishes, contemporary, sleek, handleless designs remain on-trend, however alternative materials such as glass, are also proving to be extremely popular. As the main room of the home, the kitchen needs to make a statement, so opting for an unusual style of unit will certainly make a bold impression! 

    Article taken from Revealed Design Home Interiors 2014 Magazine.
    For more information visit |

  • Traditional Twist

    December 11, 2013

    Taditional twist, kitchens, traditional kitchens, Charles rennie mackintosh kitchens, baking, cooking, LED ceiling lights, Krushr appliance, gallery showroom, Lisa Melvin Design, kitchen design

    The brief for this kitchen was to create an open, social but homely living space, keeping it traditional but with a twist. The emphasis was on a food preparation area as the client loves cooking and baking. 
    Taditional twist, kitchens, traditional kitchens, Charles rennie mackintosh kitchens, baking, cooking, LED ceiling lights, Krushr appliance, gallery showroom, Lisa Melvin Design, kitchen design
    A glass and stainless steel ceiling extractor creates an eye catching feature.

    We knocked out a dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room, introduced LED ceiling lights and incorporated a range cooker and American style fridge freezer as these were high on the wish list. We used Silestone solid surfaces to create a fantastic prep space. The style of the unit door was traditional but the stainless steel appliances gives it the twist.

    Taditional twist, kitchens, traditional kitchens, Charles rennie mackintosh kitchens, baking, cooking, LED ceiling lights, Krushr appliance, gallery showroom, Lisa Melvin Design, kitchen design
    Utility room featuring Krüshr recycling appliance with stainless steel fascia. 

    Article taken from Revealed Design Home Interiors 2014
    Kitchen available to order from Gallery Showroom. 

  • Innovative water systems for home and office from GROHE

    December 9, 2013

    GROHE Blue® is a sophisticated, innovative water system that fits into every type of kitchenGROHE Red, GROHE Blue, tap, water, fresh water system, hot water, filter technology, kitchen taps, office taps, Minta Blue, Blue K7, Blue Pure, Blue Mono, Gallery Showroom, Lisa Melvin Design
    The GROHE Blue® Minta perfectly complements the elegant Minta family, GROHE's top-selling kitchen fitting. The GROHE Blue® K7 combines maximum functionality with striking top-quality design. The GROHE Blue® Mono is the perfect flexible addition to an existing kitchen fitting. GROHE Blue® Pure provides a little slice of tranquil bliss. The unique proven filter technology transforms simple tap water into fresh-flowing filtered water. Fresh tap water by GROHE Blue® costs about one-fifth of bottled water so you can start saving money!

    GROHE Red, GROHE Blue, tap, water, fresh water system, hot water, filter technology, kitchen taps, office taps, Minta Blue, Blue K7, Blue Pure, Blue Mono, Gallery Showroom, Lisa Melvin Design

    GROHE Red® and GROHE Blue®: The ideal solution for the office kitchenGROHE Red® and GROHE Blue® in particular offer special benefits for the office too, since our professional solutions save space, time and cash. Any company that installs GROHE Red® and GROHE Blue® is making an investment that will quickly pay for itself. Take advantage of the enormous benefits of our professional water systems for planning your kitchen!
    For more information contact Gallery Showroom.

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